The crocuses are blooming!

My good friend has this gramma or aunt (or even it might be her mom!) who she tells me signals the arrival of spring by exclaiming in her charming european accent "The crocuses are blooming!" and I hear it in my head whenever, well, the crocuses bloom. Today was my first crocus bloom! This isn't my best picture, but i didn't feel like breaking out the film camera with the macro lens, waiting to get it developed, whatever. This is the first bloom in my garden and I'm not waiting to celebrate! So I used my cheapo digital camera to do it.

So of course, since the temperature hit the upper 50s, we dusted off the grill, and grilled up the rest of a pack of some Italians** that we had in the freezer. I'd used three of them for a recipe for some wintery white bean, rosemary, and Italian sausage soup that was really good. But today we used the rest of the pack for their intended (or at least to Milwaukeeans) purpose! Spring is here! As Brian says "Hey, we were able to break out the grill before the time change!" That's a good milestone.

OK, off to Ice Skating lessons... Its nice to have to bring an extra jacket to go INSIDE!

**short for Italian Sausages. We didn't accost guys with names like Luigi, Marco and Antony and roast them or anything.


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