As promised, evidence of spring

Well here it is. The picture I took a week ago of the first daffodils poking through the mulch, with the promise of spring. I have a friend down South who says her daffodils have come and gone. That's OK. Today it hit 48 degrees here in Milwaukee.

It's still basketball season, and Brian and I are going to a pregame fru-fru party tomorrow night at the Bradley Center for people who have season or partial season tickets. Then back to the usual. Since its March Madness, and nobody gives a hoot about pro ball this month, this might be anticlimatic, but then again, my NCAA pool (as well as everybody else's) is shot. That Brad Pitt game should have been the clue, especially when that's ALL they talked about. That, and a "tradition like no other" ... the ads for the Masters' on CBS.

Anyway: March madness, the ads for the Masters', the "let's party up the season ticket holders and lock 'em in for next year before they completely throw in the towel on us and Terry 'The White Shadow' Stotts" party, trying to decide where to go for Easter Vigil mass (the Archbishop says a good Easter Vigil mass -- we'll probably hit the cathedral again this year), scoping out the Milwaukee summer free concert schedule (not everybody has posted their lists yet), yup, spring is here.

Oh, and this is my first photo I've loaded onto my blog. You'd think, if you've read my bio, that a person in IT wouldn't be so thrilled about this, but these days, the field is so siloed that everybody's a friggin' specialist. My speciality is not going live until I'm absolutely positive it will work. And that's why, although you may note my archives go only back to November '05, I had the idea to do this weblog thing, oh, back in 2000 before this kind of software was even popular. And, uh, I'm still not sure its gonna work, but sometimes you have to live dangerously.

Bring on the daffodils!


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