Shameless Name dropping

Here's a trailer for a book written by (I told you, this is shamless name dropping) my friend Dave Cullen. I remember when the Columbine story first broke -- back before twitter or facebook or any of that -- it was an email popping in my box from Dave, who'd been living/studying in Colorado. Equally fascinated and horrified, he arrived on the scene, but didn't just walk away with easy, "Oh, you couldn't trust those trench coat mafia kids" answers. He knew then and there it wasn't that easy, and I've watched him for the past ten years digging into it. Myself and many of our other common friends have read his emails over the years, as he told us how he dug up the facts, how this was becoming a big part of his life.

He's getting the press/attention he deserves as this book is coming out. I'm happy to plug his book in my blog -- if only because I know how hard he's been working on it. And I'm also happy to plug it because it's an example of how vital GOOD journalism is. Cullen didn't just accept that it was the Trench Coat Mafia and that Cassie Bernall Said Yes. (uh, she didn't.). He went and got answers. He asked hard questions. For everybody who "hates the media" and thinks journalism is a lost art, I give you Dave Cullen's work.


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