Kids, Don't Let This Happen To You

Kids, Don't Let This Happen To You
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I've been out all week with what has turned out to be Strep. Hey, adults out there, did you know how much strep sucks as an adult? I used to get it as a kid a lot (some kids are ear infection kids, some kids get stomach flu a lot, I was a sore throat kid...), but I don't remember it sucking this bad.

So, yeah, I spent some of the previous weekend taking in some St Patrick's Day debauchery (OK, I'm old: a couple of green beers and burning down a christmas tree is debauchery) but by Sunday a fever kicked in and by Tuesday I'm getting my thoat swabbed.

In the meantime, the Bucks kicked the Celtics' asses, Charlie Villanueva has become the Twitter Poster Child of the NBA after he got a tounge-lashing from coach about not tweeting during halftime. (If you can get past the stupid patronizing attitude from the panelists on the linked clip, most of whom don't know what they're talking about and thus try to make fun of it to prop themselves up, they actually make some good points about the futility of stopping a freight train: the tool is not the issue.) Well and good, but now everybody's noticing that CV31 has got game, which may be great for him, but also might up his asking price come contract negotiation time.

I don't know what bands I'm going to see this weekend. I have penicillin to take. So in the meantime, I give you this photograph of some clown who can't seem to get his butt out of 1997, but has taken this tired old look to literal new lows. As I captioned on Flickr, he's within 50 feet of a school to boot, where my children can see him. Fortunately, they had the good fashion sense to laugh at him, especially after I pointed out that the poor dear apparently is intentionally looking like this. "Don't let this happen to you," I told me sensible babies.


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