Not that any of this matters, but...

I'm now convinced I need to get out and see Mississippi Cactus at some point. I popped into Pu8ddler Hall (a place i haven't been to since it was Sue's Bay View Band Wagon -- for the Craig Burger -- benefit last Friday, and maybe it was the benfit atmosphere, but this is the kind of place I would like to see more bands in: where you want to run into a few friends (which is exactly what happened). Maybe not full-blown rock bands with a giant PA and all: it's too well lit in the rumpus room, but the old union meeting hall does lend itself to drinking, arguing about the events of the day, and discussing whoever's in the stage area and what they're doing on it. And even though they were relatively acoustic, Mississippi Cactus fit right in. They're definitly appeal to fans of jamming, but they also understand the value of a good song, and they know precisely when to quit with the jamming (and when to go on with it.) Anyway, there were plenty of people hanging out enjoying the music, the atmosphere, that it really didn't matter that I had never met the guy whose family would be the benefit of all this goodwill.

Maybe it's just a whole Bay View vibe -- as tired as I was, i meandered over to Club Garibaldi for the XCleavers Cd release show, and I felt like I'd walked into somebody's college class reunion, class of early to mid 80s. It wasn't MY college class reunion, because this wasn't my college-years band, (mine were the Vertebrats) but between the ska-meets-snotty-punk-americans sound and the choice of covers (how many people can name three songs off the Rezillos album, much less play one of them?) it might as well have been. The CD itself had priceless packaging -- the top of it was gummed up to look like an old vinyl LP, and the actual backside was black, no even mirror-ey. Gee, I didn't know you could do that. But it was that same kind of vibe -- it didn't really matter that I wasn't in Milwaukee when the Cleavers were playing out regularly. I was still welcomed into conversations about our kids, the selection of beers on tap, and how much it costs to get a transmission (or shower stall) repaired, topics i would have never broached 25 years ago while listening to a 2 minute pop rant called Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight."
After some hours of sleep, Sammy woke me up because I'd confirmed that the new playground equipment at South Shore park was up and ready to ride, so we hit the accompanying farmers' market for the penultimate run this season. (This coming Saturday's the last day - WAH!). There's still a few farmers who planted late season lettuce, and i'm grateful for that, but I also stocked up on some potoes, fresh cilantro, carrots, and other winter soup staples. And i'm going to miss those two women from Eden's Marketwho make these wonderful raw food flaxseed crackers -- they're really good (and they sure do clean you out!). They don't have a retail environment yet, and last I talked to them, they hadn't cut any deals with any established retailers. Outpost, are you listening?

The new playground equipment, if my kids have anything to say (as well as the rest of the throng of kids who clearly needed to test it for themselves) is a hit. The county left the basic infrastructure and put a few more safely challenging climbing apparatus. Plus, they got rid of all the sand (left a small sandbox on the south end) and replaced it with that springy rubbery stuff that, because it was new, still had a LOT of springyness. That was a relief, because there were plenty of kids who, in their excitement, probably attempted climbs that were beyond them, and wipeouts were only humiliating, instead of disastrous ER trips. Swings hadn't been replaced yet, but I'm both glad and sad about all the missing sand. On one hand, I liked that sometimes the kids would just hide under an apparatus and let their imaginations go as they built secret sand-based inner sanctums. On the other hand, I was sick of washing all that sand out of their bodies and clothes every Saturday, and I talked to enough fellow parents who agreed. I went home and joined the kids in a luxurious nap before heading out to Trash Fest.


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