Mountain Dew, coming right up

I'm still coming down from an exhilarating show at the Bradley Center -- one of the few things I'll do a stadium show for is Cirque duSoleil and they did not fail to thrill. The kids enjoyed it too, although it turns out both my kids have the fear of clowns, and I had to explain to them that these were not scary clowns. Last night I missed a lot: you had Southern Culture on the Skids downtown, you had DJ Lo-Fi spinning 78s and 45s at Kochanski's Concertina Bar, and others.

Tonight, if it takes a 2-Liter of Mountain Dew, i'm going to work up the energy to get out for a variety of reasons. Number 1 -- it's part one of a two-night benefit for the family of Craig Burger, Sr., at Puddler's hall, with Thin the Heard and members of Mississippi Cactus. You may remember reading about his tragic death right in the middle of Harley-Davidson week -- he crashed on his bike and died from the resulting injuries. The fundraiser exists because, frankly, the family was facing some serious financial issues, which are now compounding the pain from losing a beloved family member. Later in the evening, since I'll be in Bay View, Those XCleavers make up for the fact that we didn't see them a whole lot during Summer Festival Season, and are throwing a CD release party at Club Garibaldi. "Old favorites" and some unreleased stuff (jeez, can you get something that plays old ampeg tapes anymore?) are on the new stuff.

But ah, the whole weekend gets turned around tomorrow night at Trash Fest -- this year at the Miramar Theatre. The usual suspects -- the Electric Assholes, some incarnation of Dr Chow, plenty of satire and parody bands -- will be there, and there will probably be some genuinely touching moments as the whole crowd toasts departed friend Beautiful Bert. Leading the toast, most likely, will be Bert's close friend and Pistofficer lead singer Frank Lenfesty, and I'm looking forward to a good Pistofficer set amongst the other bands. My role there will be as a judge in "America's Next Worst Band" (you'll just have to show up to see who the other judges are, but I assure you, it will be worth it."

It's a packed bill for Trash Fest tomorrow: festivities will begin at 7:30 sharp so it's worth getting there early. I'll still be swiggin' the Mountain Dew.


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