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He's crashed out in his bed, this morning, hands still wrapped around his stuffed meerkat. Last night I was writing his Montessori-style "The Story of Sammy" book, a series of pictures of him from every year along with his favorite things and what he could do and I suddenly realized, "He's five! Wow, have the years flown by or what?" I'm looking at the pictures of him, seing his face lose it's babyness. I'm remembering him just last night going through his kung-fu moves, losing the toddler clumsiness. But there he was, peacefully asleep in bed, still my sweet baby. He's been counting the days to today, like 5 was some magic number that made him truly a big boy. I have to stop and get a birthday cake on the way home from work today; I feel bad that I didn't bake one from scratch like I normally do because i've been so busy. He'll probably just want some quesadillas for dinner -- that's been his favorite thing lately.

My little boy is 5 today, and I'm starting to believe that if he hasn't lost that streak of sweetness, that smile he's had since he was a baby, that gigantic heart of his, I don't think he ever will. I used to worry that one day, he'd suddenly turn into this mouthy adolescent and maybe he will, but I'm pretty well convinced that he'll always have a part of this wonderful sweetness. He's a kid who will offer you his last piece of candy if he sees that you're sad.

I can't wait to get home and share a birthday cake with him, watch him open his presents, and tell me about his birthday day at school.

Happy Birthday Sammy! I'm so glad you're my kid! I can't wait to get home and tell you this to your joyously happy face!


Oh, okay. So I got a bit emotional there. My oldest is 3 and 5 is coming way too fast.

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