These guys weren't the winners, but....

... They made me laugh the loudest at the annual Center Street Daze pushcart races. The actual winner was this kid who had the loving support of his family as well as a peace-out-and-stopracism theme that fit in perfectly with Center Street. Let's not even mention that his cart was also the most intelligently designed to actually win -- center of gravity close to the ground, large, easy to manage wheels, the kid had winner written all over him.

OK, I'm going to be lazy because I'm sooooo behind on everything in my life. Plus, the Center Street festival was just OK. So I'm just going to point you to my Center Street Flickr set, because, well, after the wonderful cart races, I went home and napped. So did the kids. We got up in time to see Brian play the rest of his set with Dr Chow's Love Medicine, right in front of the Uptowner behind a blazing setting sun. We checked out a bit of Floor Model's unannounced set by the House of Frank N Stein, and we watched some guy ride a bike on a test trainer while undressing, and we watched another guy juggle flaming torches. And we did so, rather bummed out that summer just blew us by, and we barely had time to catch our collective breath about it.


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