So, onto the weekend

Tonight, Brian's going to see Blue Cheer at Shank Hall with "Plasticland" opening for them. I've got the name of the opening band in quotes purposely. OK, I know that it wouldn't have existed without frontman Glenn Rehse's songwriting, fashion sense, stage presence, charisma, not to mention mellotron. I realize that. No band could call itself Plasticland without at least his blessing, much less his presence. And by the same token, former lead guitarist Dan Mullen's departure wasn't the catalyst for any sort of disaster, although I still refer to anybody filling that position as "Sammy Hagar." Think Van Halen without Diamond Dave. Still a good band. Still good songwriters. Still has Wolfgang's dad in it. But I wouldn't necessarily go see them.

Friday: Oh, decisions decisions. The Mistreaters are at the Cactus Club. EIEIO and the Bryan Cherry Band are at Shank. I'm hearing pieces of the new EIEIO recording and I'm impressed. They're keeping their foundation of well-executed cowpunk, but building some really interesting music on top of it. Friday is also Neil Young's birthday, which means there's a party at Linneman's with a pile of bands that I'm referring to as the Anti-Trash Fest, since they all get exactly 20 minutes, the difference being that they're all good. Mike Fredrickson starts the night off, and finally, finally finally, I'm going to see the Aimless Blades for the first time in years. I've written before that I need to give Juniper Tar another chance, and a 20 minute sampler platter offering from them, mixed by somebody who doesn't have his head up his butt might make this the night to do that. Also on the bill, KnitDelicate and TestaRosa, Melanie Jane, and the Carolinas will play until last call. That's not the entire bill-- it's just the people I've heard of and want to see. If quality by association is true, this should be quite a night. I might be driving around a lot.

Saturday night is just as packed. The Barrettes are at the Cactus Club and the Buggs are at the Stonefly. And there's ROCK at Points East: Binky Tunny (who's also starting up a female fronted Guns n Roses tribute band, oh dear God) headlines a bill with Mutt Junction, and that band I stumbled upon last week, Crumpler. I'm leaning toward Points East, despite the rats in the basement. I'll see Buggman Lane and his crew next weekend when my band, Loblolly, opens for Guido's Racecar, where he plays drums, and me shameless promoting my act any chance I get. The Barrettes have a great triple bill in December with Pillowfight and another band which I'm going to presume is another chick band. But I've been on a rawk kick lately (Chief CD in stores this week, along with the Cocksmith's latest offering) and I think I need a delicate flower like Binky to get in that Thanksgiving mood.


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