Should this work? Will it work?

first home game, first win
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OK, you've read the paper, and Coach K even admits it was a butt-ugly win, but a win is a win, and it's a good way to start off the home season. Coach K is straight up, and while many aren't sure this experiment of hiring a guy with his limited experience to be head coach, it's a question of whether it shoudl work or not. I think it might.

Let's just do a quick survey of what's new and what's not at the Bradley Center. The year is still young; I'll get more detailed later:
  • Energee girls have new uniforms, but nothing really radical. Possibly a little less slutty, but still cute. And they apparently have some new girls who can actually throw. Last year, it would be so annoying during giveaways, when you'd have Bango and the Rim Rockers throwing T=Shirts and souvenier balls out to the audience, and then you'd have some Energee girl in front of your section, bouncing around and finally when she did throw it, couldn't get it more than, say, five feet. What, do they think guys are going to be theatened by a chick who can throw? Will it make her breasts smaller or something? No, this year we actually have a girl by our section who can get the freebie in, well, not exactly the cheap seats yet, but at least in some seats you can get without having to know anybody.

  • Speaking of the Rim Rockers, supposedly they're full-time with Bango now. It's early in the season, so I'm not going to get on them yet about too many missed shots.

  • I'm not going to judge the opening montage yet, because as the first home game, I'm not sure if it's the permanent one (and they need to get more footage) or not. Plus -- and I'm hoping this was because it was the home opener -- there was a lot of obnoxious stuff going on the court. Flares and fireworks, and these two giant flaming torches that spewed off as each player was introduced. I really hope this was an opening night schtick. If not, we were playing the Bulls, whom I've speculated before in the blog are the team we have to blame for this over-the-top-ness of simply introducing the team before a regular ol' season game.

  • YI! He shoots, he scores! He hustles! He's young, but I think he's going to prove he was worth the hassle. He better.

  • Bogut, time to hire a new stylist. My caption on this photo of Bogut is all i have to say to him right now.

  • T-Shirt Guy is back, predictably, and comfortingly so. I'm looking forward to reading his shirts every game. T-Shirt Guy, if you're not familiar with him, has a different T-Shirt for every Bucks game, and it's usually germane to the latest news, so it's always worth looking for him in the crowd. He's not hired by the Bucks or anything. He's just a fan, a good ol Milwaukee style fan. Nice to see him again.

That's all I've got for now. Halftime show was the wonderful Jesse White Tumblers, and the anthem was delivered by a guy (whose name I didn't catch) who looked like Ruben Stoddard had lose some (but not all) his weight and souned like it too.
After the game, I headed out to the Main Stage in Waukesha to catch the Independent Idols, only to walk in right as they finished their set. I'd schleped all the way out to catch them, so I stuck around for the other band, and I'm sure glad i did.

Crumpler bassist
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They were called Crumpler, and it took me about four songs to come up with this descrption of them: Proggy dark metal pop. Another in a series of concepts that shouldn't work, but does. This picture should help tell the story: look at this bass player. Every mother's son, right? Tells corny jokes between songs, some really bad groaners, as a matter of fact, with a gee-whiz look on his face? Does his bass playing sound like, say, Paul McCartney's? No, Lemmy himself couldn't sound as sinister. This guy plays a crunch, distorted bass that normally comes from a guy with hair down to here and a questionable hygeine regimen. And that pretty much describes this whole band's approach. Are they metal? Are they prog? Are they (god forbid) metal prog? No, they're too poppy. But their pop isn't sugary pop, it's not Poison or any dreck like that.
Maybe another explanation can be found in the fact (as was pointed out to me by Amy from the Independent Idols) that the lead guitarist's other gig is Beatallica. Here's a band full of guys who understand the greatness of the Beatles, but don't want to give up their sixteen-effect stomp boxes. It makes perfect sense now. They love pop, they are well-trained musicians, but they also love a good distorted (but not grungy) crunch and metal guitar run. It works, but it shouldn't. I'm sensing a trend here -- combinations that shouldn't work but do (see aIso IROCKZ) and I like it. Hope it works for the Bucks, too.


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