Overdue this weekend....

Lakeshore Park Bridge Detail
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This should tell you just how ridiculously overdue I am to see a Wild Space Dance company production: the last one I saw took place at the Gordon Park Pool. That's right, Gordon Park used to have a pool, and it had been drained and dry, and Debra Loewen and her crew went in, some, if I remember correctly, on roller skates, and turned that eyesore into a stage for compelling dance. I was enthralled, and almost giddy that we had such out of the box thinking working here in M'Woky.

Pushing the envelope doesn't begin to adaquetely contain what Wild Space does with their dance. For whatever reason, every time they have something going on, I have a conflict. Not this time. And to bring me full circle, it's at Lakeshore State Park, which, quite frankly, while it's "done" and "open," hasn't quite filled in nicely yet. The design is nice, the infrastructure is downright cool, but since the prairie hasn't filled in yet, and like that old pool in Gordon Park, it's an eyesore. But I'm quite confident that Loewen will show me the beauty of a place formerly used as a milorganite dump. Shows start at dusk Friday and Saturday, there's a (deservedly front page) story on the performance in today's Journal-Sentinel.

Saturday? Why, it's Center Street Daze. But here's the thing. The only reason I know that even one band is playing there is that my husband is in it. Dr. Chow's Love Medicine goes on at 12:30, or whenever the push cart races (which begin at 11) are done. I've googled up "Center Street Daze" "Center Street - Milwaukee" and countless other keywords for you in an attempt to try to figure out who else is playing and I came up short. There's no schedule published, and even half the bands booked for it don't know when they're playing. Really. When you google up "Center Street Daze", you get a bunch of hits, and lots of them say something to the effect of "We're playing Center Street Daze, but we don't know when we're going on yet." So I hope the people behind the extremely well organized Rockerbox forgive me for confusing their event (which also took place on Center Street) with this. I have no clue what's going on. OK, let's give the organizers the benefit of the doubt and assume they meant for this to be ambigious -- that they're just hoping people turn up not just to hear a particular band but to just take it all in. Ambigious marketing is always a crapshoot. I know if Brian wasn't playing there and I didn't know who else was, I might not even bother. So if you want to talka about overdue, the organizers of Center Street Daze are overdue for a schedule.


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