My new bike shoe laces

My new bike shoe laces
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They're really green. They're really green and obnoxious. They almost glow in the dark. I picked up these laces because I was at the outlet mall, buying new chuck taylors, and there was a selection of green and lavender and purple, and I couldn't decide which would look best with my new chucks, so I got them all.

Stella suggested strongly that I use the green ones for my bike shoes, because she said that since I'm riding in the dark a lot, that I would be seen better with them. And she's right, but I found out later that wasn't her REAL reason. Actually, she wanted the purple ones for herself. That's my girl.

I'm bringing this all up because I'm bummed out that fall's coming and I'm just not ready for it to be fall yet. It's bad enough that my glow in the dark laces are actually something good to have because it's still dark out when I ride to work in the morning. But this morning I had to wear pants, not shorts. And a long sleeved shirt. A cold front blew in last night, and while it's made those dang mosquitoes go into hiding, I'm not ready for this yet. Summer went by way too fast. Wah.


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