If I Didn't Have...

If I didn't have an early morning road trip to Chicago to hit, I'd be at Points East tonight for Liv Mueller and her Dark Horse Project. I've raved about her before, and I will rave again. They've just returned from an East Coast road trip, (or at least a lot of East Coast stops were mentioned in their myspace page). If I can get a nap in this evening, I still might go.

And if I didn't have that Chicago road trip, I'd be mingling with the bikers (and these are british and scooter bikers, not hogs) at the fifth annual Rockerbox on Center Street on Saturday. Looks like they've taken "Center Street Fest" and that biker fest and mixed the two. It’s a daytime fest, and don't ask me how, but they've managed to book the wonderful Dollyrots! I think it was a last minute thing, because I only learned about this via a quick emailing from WMSE, who's co-sponsoring the event. Because they're awesome! (there's that word again!)

And since I don't have to be in the Windy City all night, though, there's lots of great choices for Saturday evening. At the BBC, we've got the Lackloves, plus the Buggs, who I've not seen since they were simply the Bugs. There's a four band bill at the Mad Planet which includes the wonderful Mandates, who I wish would play out more often. If I didn't have some social engagements to attend to, I for sure would try to catch at least a set from each.

Finally, send all your good juju over to Eric Uecke at the Cactus Club, who looks like he's going to have to push back his re-opening date past the originally scheduled opening this weekend. According to MKEonline's Blog Party, the Decibully show has been cancelled. This is a bummer, more because frankly, Cactus proprietor Uecke (full disclosure: he's a family friend) is a good guy, and anytime a buildout goes behind schedule (which, in my experience, is anytime, period) it costs money. Not just money to correct whatever the issue is (according to MKE, its flooring issues), but in lost revenue from not being open. This is a guy who's built, over the years, a great venue where I've seen some terrific shows from up and comers, many of whom turned out to be movers and shakers. Most importantly, he's always been fair to musicians, and he's always had quality acts. Uecke didn't need this to happen, which means us music lovers didn't need this to happen. So when he does open, be sure to stop in, patronize his establishment and have a fine microbrew.

Now if you'll excuse me, I didn't have lunch, so I'm off to grab a sandwich.


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