I'm on a crusade

I'm on a crusade
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I'm sorry, but I have now declared war on any stupid use of the suffix -ilicious. The only time I want to see that is at the end of the word "delicious." As in, "trying to make your bank sound super hip by attaching some current vernacular to a mode of payment that's going the way of the telegram is deliciously ridiculous."

Especially since this was a block away from the Chicago Board of Trade on La Salle Street in Chicago. You may not refer to anything this close to Capitalism's Chicago Guesthouse as --- ilicious.

This joins the Correct Use of the Apostrophe and Quest For Limited Use of the Term 'Awesome' as my top grammatical and vernacular crusades.

That is all.


Roni said…
haha! I'm with ya and I use 'ilicious with abandon! I finally feel like I'm somewhat hip and "the man" has to take it and use it for banking?
Anonymous said…
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