Found some art at a guitar shop

Getting ready for my DJ spot tomorrow night, and after rehearsing at Darrel "The Brains" Martin's house (I had to remember how to use a mixer, after all, but it comes back to you after 20 years). On my way home, I popped into Rockhaus Guitars, to see the Michael Zasadny show. There was also vido across the street at Una Café, which I wished I had the time to pop in and see, not the least reason being that I've always wanted to pop into the Una Café to see what was up with it. It always looks like an interesing place, but its not like its near anything else, so if you're up for a night of hipness, are you really going to schlep out to 43rd and Forest Home. I'm sure its worth it, but I was already exhausted from a long week of work.

Anyway, it sure was worth stopping at the Rockhaus. I don't want to say tha Zasadny's work is "outsider art", it’s a lot more sophisticated than that (not the outsider art isn't sophisticated), but it's clear that he's had some kind of training. He turned out to be quite a personable guy, and we had a lovely discussion about the original of materials for one of his pieces, a very rough crucifix which featured some animal's skull where the head would be, backed by metal wings. Very very cool stuff. There was one hunk of wood on it that Zasadny said was a gift from a fellow artist friend; he was at the friend's apartment when he spotted the piece of wood and commented how much he liked it. A few months later, he was presented it as a gift, a nice surprise, and like any kind of found materials, sat in Zasadny's possession until the right sculpture called for it, and it was this crucifix. Not that I was in the market, but knowing the story made me want to and not want to buy the piece. I wanted to because I liked it, and now knew a neat background story of it. I didn't want to because I kind of didn't want to separate him from this nice background story -- would that hunk of wood mean as much to me? I ended up not buying it because frankly, I'm broke this quarter and I have no business buying art right now.


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