The beginning of my musical comeback: DJing at the Foundation

Well that was fun. Made a couple of bucks and some free drinks, but overall, it was fun. I hadn't been in the Foundation since before they totally did it up as a Tiki Lounge, and they did it up right, down to every detail, complete with blowfish lights, plenty of tiki cups, drinkie-poos, and oil paintings of tropical scenes. This attracts more than just the Riverwest Punk crowds they used to get. They get everything in here, from punks, to Gen Y students, to yuppies, to elder hipster statesmen, and I noticed a clump of people my age, some of whom I knew, which I think is reflected in my setlist.

Afterwards, it was like some kind of flashback. Being married with children, its been a long time since I closed a bar, and even longer since I heard the phrase "So where's the party." Yeah, like I have the energy to hit a party at 2:30 am, since Sammy is going to get me up at 7:30, whether I went to bed at 10 pm or not. I'm driving home through downtown, past the Water street bars, emptying out and you can see clumps of people with that same question, "Where's the (post bar) party?" What a world. Glad I'm not there anymore. Got home and collapsed on the couch with my husband, who was catching the last 15 minutes of John Waters' "Pink Flamingos" on the Sundance channel. Perfect ending.

Anyway, as Darrell "The Brains" Martin was my host, we swapped out sets through the night, and I tried as best I could to lead in with his themes but moving on to my list. I didn't plan any of this out, just grabbed a bunch of records and sort of winged it, watching the crowd's reaction and in a few cases, throwing curve balls at them. Set one stayed laid back and loungy, I got more rowdy as the night went on. Here's my setlists:

Set I

Wreckless Eric, "Veronica" (well, I DO need a opening theme song, and the Elvis Costells "Veronica" song would be, well, almost predictable, no?)
Malcolm McLaren, "Madame Butterfly"
Adrian Belew, "Big Electric Cat"
Tom Verlaine, "Five Miles of You"
801 Live, "Tomorrow Never Knows"
Camper Van Beethoven, "ZZ Top Goes To Egypt"
Robyn Hitchcock, "Grooving on An Inner Plane"
Love And Rockets, "Haunted When The Minutes Drag"
Julian Cope, "Sunspots"
Lene Lovich, "Savages" (45 version)
The Au Pairs, "Its Obvious"

Set II
Original Broadway Recording from West Side Story, "Dance At The Gym"
10 Years After, "One Of These Days"
The Fabulous Poodles, "Pink City Twist"
The Stranglers, "Skin Deep"
Jello Biafra with the Melvins, "Voted Off The Island"
Puffy Ami Yumi, "Jet Police"
The Golden Cups, "I'm So Glad"
Joe Jackson, "I'm The Man"
Bow Wow Wow, "Chihuahua"
The Buzzcocks, "I Don't Know What To Do With My Life"
The Scientists, "Swampland"
Tonio K, "The Funky Western Civilization"

Set III didn't get started until late, so it got cut short.
Nina Hagen, "New York, New York
Tom Jones, "What's New Pussycat"
The Rolling Stones, "Let's Spend The Night Together"
The Psychedelic Furs, "All Of This And Nothing"


Cynthia said…
oh my gosh---any set list with the Au Pairs It's Obvious....much less the rest. Wish I'd been there....

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