I want a new google game to pass the time while waiting for an audience with my boss.

So a friend suggested this to me: go to google, type in your name followed by the word wants, and post your results somewhere. Might as well be a blog. So here goes:


Veronica wants to be a fairy.

Veronica wants to continue receiving her mail but at a different account

people are equating who's at the door with who Veronica wants to be with.

Now Veronica wants to find her family in the capital of Luanda. …

The jocks are killed, and that is when Veronica wants out

Veronica wants to take revenge against two guys who have boasted of having sex with her,

Veronica wants to bring some fresh ideas for affordable housing

Veronica wants next Council meeting to be more productive and less informative

Betty needs new shoes, and Veronica wants to run right out and shop with her

I think your Veronica wants to play with you before dinner

Veronica wants to explore the possibility of marrying an American, hoping for more freedom and less cooking

I'm for chocolate, but Veronica wants canoli....but we can do anything else too.

Veronica wants to do 21 things.

Veronica wants to help her friend find Christ


Oh, I was going to do "Veronica Needs", except when I re-did it, I found another blogger who already did. Why take up net space when I can link (and yes, I agree with her commenter that she missed the favorite one...), anyway, here's the link.


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