Easter Sunday Post, 2012: Not what we usually expect

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As I have for at least the past 20 years, I hopped on my bike and did my annual Easter Sunday Bike Ride and despite the wind, it was one of the most beautiful days I did this in years.  I didn't have as much to really ponder, except that I am finally letting go of being suspicious of why we've gotten this kind of weather lately. I just have to learn to enjoy it, despite the fact that I know that it just isn't right.

We messed up and assumed the kids were too old for Easter Bunny-ness and didn't get a pile of chocolate for them, but when they brought out the empty baskets last night we realized this was a mess-up. So, while I was on a Easter Sunday bike ride with weather I'm not usually expecting, the kids didn't expect my lame-ass excuse for a lack of chocolate:

OK, so here's what happened, kids. I'm on my bike ride, and in fact, as a sort of Easter bit of magic, I ran into the Easter Bunny right at this spot where I always take this picture. I asked her, "Well, how's it going," and I'll tell you, she looked beat. "Yeah, I don't mean to be picky," I told her, but "um, ya missed our house this morning." Well, kids, she's had a heckuva year, and I told her it was cool, if she could make it by tomorrow then we'd be fine with that. She agreed, but offered me this: "Here, if you just want to take the kids out to breakfast at a place you don't get to so much, take this voucher." 
So I offered the kids the choice to have a fabu brunch at, say, Beans and Barley, and they accepted. Sammy had his favorite whole wheat pancakes, Stella had her favorite cinnamon buns, Brian enjoyed just chilling out at home, and I had an outstanding omelet with lox, cream cheese, and asparagus. It's not what we expected, but it was good nonetheless.

Among the things I rode past was that one house on Lake Drive in Cudahy, with the guy who has all his collected do-dads out front. And on the side. And in the back. Big ol shark over the garage -- I asked him if it was new and he said, no, it's been there for about 2 years. Never noticed it before. Actually, I never noticed HIM out there before. Didn't ask his name or anything, just was glad to see him out. Maybe I was just dumbstruck that I actually saw him out there because I didn't expect that.

So this year's Easter Sunday for me, is about appreciating unexpected goodness. That Rolling Stones song about how you can't always get what you want, but getting what you need is going through my head, but it's really more about appreciating goodness even if it comes in unexpected forms. The kids are fine without some godawful overflow of chocolate.


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