Chillin and some gossip

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OK, you don't need another person to talk about Snowmegeddon '11 this week, so I won't. Except to say thanks to whoever that angel is that plows our alley, but does it sometimes in the wee hours so that we don't know who, and how, to thank him. It's like Santa or something. Anyway, the kids had off from Wednesday through Friday, so they built snow forts, and I kept in touch with the world via Facebook and Twitter, trading stories of both saints and douchebags through the storm. (Douchebag: guy who plows your alley but only up to their house... dumping the rest of the snow in the middle. Saint: guy with a snowblower who gets the sidewalks of the old ladies who don't have anybody to help them.)

Anyway, a piece of gossip via Facebook: it might, just might be possible that the Rock and Roll Palace, Quarters, might once again be a Gold Mine of Rock. You may remember the past few years it morphed into a hip-hop joint, and then there was a shooting last summer which pretty much killed their live music license (not to mention suspendin gtheir liquor license). And I'd even noticed that as a hip-hop joint, the place got some class to it. They'd cleaned up the disgusting bathroom, they actually washed out the beer lines, they spruced up the furniture.... and then violence closed it down.

Now this all may be just a rumor, and remember, we called it The Rock Palace to be smugly ironic.... but still.... it would be nice to have the Gold Mine back.


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