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the Soul Trio at the Circle A
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Yes, I haven't gotten out to see bands a lot, but I did drag myself out to the Circle A last Sunday to catch the Soul Trio, which actually turned out to be a quartet. John Sparrow on drums was enough to guarantee quality, but I was pleasantly surprised to catch Brian Mir (who happens to be Sammy's best friend's dad) on guitar. My understanding is that Mir is a bass player, but I'm here to tell you he's a fine, imaginative guitarist as well.

This whole act is very clearly the brainchild of sax player Aaron Gardner, who I've seen sit in with the Danglers a time or two. Gardner said so himself -- that this band was one of three or four band ideas he'd had in his head, (another being a metal act -- I'd like to see a metal act fronted by a sax man!) but this was the first that hit reality.

And what a terrific reality it was. Started out sounding like a cross between a 70s porno and a Lalo Schifrin-soundtracked Quinn Martin production, but from there it evolved into a jam worthy loungy jazz experience, with touches of spacey psychedelia (courtesy of Mir's guitar work.) A few nice touches by Gardner and some pedals of his that expanded his sax sound (making it sound like a chorus of horns, not just one sax). This band was tight, and well-rehearsed. This being their first time out, I'd say the only thing is that they need to loosen up a bit. Case in point: we were all wowed by the two sets they put out, and being a Circle A audience, we expected an encore. "Ya got one more?" Doorman/Soundman/CircleAman Paul Setser asked, and they shrugged off a disappointing no. C'mon guys. Everybody has one more at the Circle A. You almost plan to get called back for one more. If Warwick himself were there he would have called for it. A few more musical tidbits:

  • Speaking os Setser, he told me about a new cabaret act that he hopes to debut in February. Eat the Mystery is no more -- and that's just as well -- they'd run their course, but what a course it was!
  • Speaking of the Danglers, they're doing a whole weekend in February at the Circle A. This is obviously a concept -- and i suspect each night will have a different theme going. Will post more info as I get it.
  • Last night I missed an IRockZ reunion, and tonight's Christmas eve, so there won't be much music blogging. But it's good to know that Trans Am Dan is still out there with that cool concept of a band -- part prog, part new wave, part straightup rock and roll, part punk. I'd said before, this is a concept that shouldn't work but does. Wish I'd been there. Hop over to my cooking blog if you want to read more of me. Meantime, Happy Christmas friends!


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