Where I'd be if I could afford a sitter tonight

Sammy's Pumpkin: Ninja Bionicle
Originally uploaded by V'ron
Because I'd be a Club Garibaldi seeing my husband play in two, count 'em, two bands. Dr Chow, of course, and F/i. F/i rarely plays out, so this will not be a show to miss, even though I have to. Plus, headlining the thing is Couch Flambeau, and they don't play out all that often either. Besides my DH, Jay Tiller and Rusty Olson will be doing double duty, swapping instruments (drums to guitar and bass to drums, for F/i and Couch Flambeau, respectively).

Nah, I'll be at the Milwaukee County Zoo for "Boo at the Zoo" -- an event I promised the kids I'd take them to long before this show was booked. And each kid gets to pick a friend to go with us, so I can't disappoint them. Last night we carved our pumpkins, and Sammy was all about Ninjas and Bionicles lately ( you can see he combined both.) Next post will feature Stella's pumpkin. But hopefully somebody at Garibaldi will be rolling tape.


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