I wanna job ... one that satisfies my artistic needs

OK, this video pretty much illustrates why I haven't been posting a whole lot lately. I've been busy looking for work, and you'd be amazed (or maybe not) at just how exhausting -- both emotionally and physically -- being unemployed is. So much so that I'm here to tell you that this whole Maslow's hierarchy thing has a lot to it. My big worries these days are not "Who's playing at Points East this weekend?" or "Is that sound guy ever going to do something about the bass player's EQ?" It's not even of concern to me that some band is doing the exact same thing they -- and about thirty other bands -- were doing eight years ago. These are not the things that are burning me and keeping me up nights. Go on and do what you were doing, everybody.

Yes folks, I'm a candidate for Mayor of Bitteropolis. Only thing that will lose me that post is the fact that I live in a town with a multitude of excellent free music to see and terrific free things to do, which I've been doing and hope to slam chronicles of same in the next few days. I have a goal of posting every day this week until Sammy's birthday.

So, really, this blog hasn't gone dark or anything. I'm not refusing to write in protest of any weird thing. No, there hasn't been any band that's been threatening to ban me from all their shows just because I said their lead singer's voice was too wussy for their genre. I'm just working up the emotional energy to write anything besides another version of "Dear Hiring Manager: Looking for a Project Manager with 10 Years of experience that will blah blah blah and yadda yadda and save you big money at Menards?"

In the meantime, here I am, with this clip from Sid and Nancy (dir Alex Cox, 1986) and I have to admit, it pretty much summarizes my life at this point. "My artistic needs"? Just having enough money so I don't have to spend my nights curled up in a fetal position worrying about how to pay the bills rather than writing this sardonic yet appreciative blog about enjoying music arts and life in the Milwaukee underground and mainstream. I know this character is kind of a dork, but dammit, I have to admit, it's a catchy little tune. Stella's been catching me singing it to myself as I drive the kids to school, a task that wasn't mine until lately (and I actually enjoy morning with the kids. I know, give it time...). But I also have to admit, despite my punk roots, that this song says more for my life lately than "Pretty Vacant." Oh well.


The Vertebrats might just do you good....

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