Quick Gallery Night weekend picks

It's going to be an arty weekend, but duh, it's Gallery night and it looks to be a beautiful night for it. Our family will kick off the night at BYO Studio to see "Reflections on Recession", and among the artists showing will be Cream City Photogs own Jake David Rohde. He's started an amazing photo business with Simon McConico with beautiful portraiture, but this promised to be his street work and I'm looking forward to it. Maybe we'll get some art and food while the StreetzaPizza truck drives around, carrying 'za and art And we'll hit the third ward for the usual suspects. Might end up at the Bradford Beach Carribean Music festival -- it's free and we'll catch King Solomon. Probably the thing to do is to check both MLSchumacher in the Journal, and the Onion's Decider list has great picks too, including a stop at the Borg Ward, which always has interesting stuff.

The Women's Artists Resource Network is having their show, A Glamorous Gallery Night, on Saturday which could work for or against them. Several women will be exhibiting their work at Live Artists Studio 228 S. 1st Street, but on one hand, it's not on Gallery Night proper. On the other hand, they won't have the typical Gallery Night crowd breezing in and out because there's so much to see. So it's definitely going to be on the visit list.


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