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Leaning tower of Voot
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Wow, it sure was OldSchool night at Linneman's last Friday. I forsake the south shore water frolics, AND Bastille Days to catch a nowadays rare set from Voot Warnings.

And it was worth it, despite my having to get up early the next day for the Triathlon. The guy is timeless and ageless. Still gets up there in horrible drag, and plays his songs with a combination of heavy sludgy horror and just heavyness, period. And there's enough humor to cover up the fact that he's just a heavy songwriter, glam power chords and all.

Use dot be that you could always catch the Voot Warnings band (and it's gone through a pile of name changes, always with the frontman name, though) at least once a month. But he's married with a kid, and that's taking a lot of time from him. (Don't I know how that goes. He's got Dave Raeck on guitar, who almost Randy Rhoads his way through a set, and Vic Demechei on drums, whose forceful elegance I think I've mentioned here before. Really, that's the way to describe Vic's drumming. He looks like he's simply tapping the stick against the drum head, but it sounds like he's beating it to death.

The night's opener was the Peder Hedman Quartet, and they've gotten more psychedelic than I remember that day last summer at St Robert's Church Festival. Again, it was Tim Taylor and his lap steel guitar that made me draw a conclusion about them, because this time around, he did not use it as a country instrument, he used it as a psychedelic instrument, and that framed Hedman's songs into the great pop hooks I remember him for. I'm glad to see he's still out there, writing hooky, but not cheesy songs.

A night close from Dr Chow's Love Medicine, and Ron Turner is on bass now. This is his second gig with them, and he seems to have fallen into place quite nicely and quickly.


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