Water, water everywhere

the fountain at night
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Random ramblings after a tough week at work, and a torrential evening at home:
  • Last night I went up to Bayshore to go to the Potbelly's to see Janna Blackwell do her acoustic thing, but it was not to be. Apparently she's not there anymore, according to the guy who was there instead. So I just sat in the little fountain park on a gorgeous summer night (finally!) and watched kids having a good ol time rushing through the fountain.
  • Brian's on his way out to play a Dr Chow show at O'Keefe's House of Hamburg, but I'm staying home with the kids, who were freaked out over the torrential rains and such (we did have something that looked like it could have turned into a tornado in our neighborhood). I'm not seeing a lot of posts from my online friends; I hope everybody's OK. Lots of my pals live in Riverwest, and I saw footage of people pushing stalled card through deep water that had accumulated at Humboldt and North.

  • So musically last night, I ended up at Marlavous' Karoake (it's her birthday party next Friday), and got home by midnight, when I crashed after a challenging week at work. (And I don't mean that to be snotty. It was a tough week, but we got a lot done.) Marla's Karaoke was simply what the doctor ordered. Dave Allswager popped in Alice Cooper's "Hello, Hooray," sang a few lines, and while I was waiting for my shot of Jagermeister, suddenly I had a mike in my hand and I was belting out "God -- I -- Feel -- So -- Strong! So Strong!"

  • This morning, I started biking in earnest for the triathlon and built up my summer sunburn on the SW side of the county before getting home, getting some shopping done, and then watching the storms pour in. (Is it me, or is Today's TMJ4 Meteorologist Scott Steele looking more and more like a young Al Pacino? We kept flipping back and forth and decided we liked our weather from Serpico, who had a knack for explaining what was going on without being too annoying about it.

  • (This just in: Brian called me from the cell phone: he knew he wasn't going to get to O'Keefe's by going down the closed Howell avenue, or 6th street, but 13th-20th is flooded by the little creek that runs through Wilson Park. I hope Dr Chow wasn't planning to pay the rent with tonight's proceeds.)
  • I am hoping that one of the things the rain washed out was those stupid ass nazis who think they were going to put a damper by protesting Pride Fest today. I hope everybody at Pride Fest were safe, both from the storms and from the assholes.
  • Tomorrow, myself and the Prom Queens will be running the Riverwest Beer Run (I've said this before, we admit a 1.8 mile "race" through Riverwest that includes 4 stops at which racers must slam a beer is preposterous) in evening gowns and tiaras, to bring the preposterousness full circle. Good lineup at Locust Street -- including Floor Model, the Barrettes, the .357 String Band (hope their bass player's finger is healing nicely!), and the Championship, among others. I've heard really good things about the Championship, so I'll finally get to see them. I'll be sure to wear sunscreen, and hopefully we're done with these ridiculous storms. Still, if you're not from Wisconsin, you'd probably think by reading this blog that all we do is whine about the weather. No, it's been a weird year.


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