Yet another completely objective blog post

... because my husband's band played last Saturday night and they kicked ass, despite the fact that they were all sick as dogs.

In fact, Rick Franecki couldn't even make it, he was that sick. It was all Jay Tiller could do to load his drums into the car and set up at the Circle A Cafe. Brian had to cover both lead and rhythm guitar parts, since Franecki couldn't make it out. Rusty Olson and Grant Richter, the two healthiest guys in the bunch (but not for long, I bet) got the job done. Personally, I think set two was where F/i hit their stride -- going into some almost raga-like dirge with enough space rock touches to be worthy of the F/i brand.

And we can chalk up that overtime Bucks victory to Stella, who attended the Knicks game with me. Neither of us were expecting as good a game as it was --especially after a fairly lackluster anthem given by the Oshkosh Boys' Choir. We actually were confused at the end -- when was the last time we ever saw somebody get THREE free throw shots? Still, it was a good, exciting game and the kind of thing we would have liked to have seen more this season.

Nevertheless, one highlight, T-Shirt guy, who, as far as I'm concerned, was one of the highlights of this season, is now a real star! He's the last image they show in the opening montage that uses the NBA "where xyz happens" , making him the lasting (positive) image in the fans' head.

Yes, this is a short post. Because I think I got whatever it is that Tiller and Franecki got. I'm getting over it, but, before I turn in for the night, I have two pieces of band news to pass along.
  • First, Bobby Rivera and the Rivieras have a new name! They're called the Del Ripleys now, but they're still the same band of amazing players. If I wasn't getting over whatever the hell this is, I'd be at Kochanski's Concertina Hall tonight to see them, on what owner Andy Kochanski is terming roots rock Thursdays.

  • Second, The Moths are back! Tony and the boys are sounding snotty as ever, and they're playing a few gigs. They just friended me on myspace, which is how I found out they exist. I guess too many people missed their wonderfully arrogant, brilliant, snotty jazz-infused punk. I hope this lasts long enough for me to go see them. It would be worth a road trip down south to do so.

  • OK, I said, two pieces of news, yet there are three bullet points. That's because the fact that my band, Loblolly, is playing a show with Floor Model on April 12 (a week from Saturday) really isn't news anymore, since I've mentioned it before. But this is my blog, and if I can't use my own blog to plug my own band, than what heck.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna take a swig of NyQuil and turn in.


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