If the game isn't so good, you can always discuss the music

Hmmm. Do I write about the Bucks game that Stella and I went to on Monday, or not? Why? I'm starting to run out of things to say about them without really hitting the crux of the matter -- the fact that something is definitely wrong here. We have good player, lord knows the fans are pretty hardy. If anything, it was a nice girls' night out for Stella and me. Stella enjoyed some dippin' dots, the Ice Cream of the Future and we had some good laughs. Halftime feature was the kids from the Special Olympics playing some hoops, and in keeping with that, they had one of 'em singing the anthem. OK, so Simon's not sending this kid to Hollywood anytime soon, but it was straight up and unpretentious, and he didn't take anything for granted, which is why he hit all his notes. However, I felt sorry for the girl who painted her face up in this picture -- and wasn't the "Extreme Fan of the Game" -- that honor went to some plain ol kid in a jersey who either was connected to the special olympics or something.

No, I guess I won't talk about the game, which was pretty disappointing as usual. It's like they run out of gas by the third quarter and Monday's game was no exception. So let's do this: a quick rundown of the music they play when somebody hits a shot:
  • Yi: "Sweet Emotion." I guess this is supposed to get people to go "Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii emotion." Actually, when he shoots a long shot, everybody goes "YIIIIIIIII" and "wooo!" if it actually sinks.
  • Royal Ivey: Some hip hop tune I'm not familiar with (actually, I have to admit that I'm not as familiar with most hip hop) that features Samuel L. Jackson's line from Pulp Fiction, "Royale with Cheese." Brian and I think that we started this, because every time he hit a shot, we'd go Royal! With Cheese! Fairly loudly, too.
  • Bogut: "Land Down Under" from Men at Work. Ugh. Did anybody-- especially from Austrailia -- ever really like this song? Does Bogut?
  • Desmond Mason: Theme from "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly." Now that's worth hitting a shot for.
  • Michael Redd: "Whoop! There it is!"
  • Mo Williams: No music lately. They used to do some hip hop tune that went, "Mo! Mo! Mo!" but that went away for some reason.
  • Charlie Bell: At least it's not "Ring my Bell" anymore. Now it's AC/Dc's "Hell's Bells." I bet Bogut is jealous -- I mean, AC/Dc are a bunch of Aussies and all. How come Bell gets "Hell's Bells" and Bogut just gets stuck with a Vegemite sandwich?

Maybe for kicks, I'll try to come up with alternative selections.


Anonymous said…
b-ball is not about music. it's a sport. don't make it somrhing it's not. don't be something your not.
V'ron said…
Ah yes. Another commenter who doesn't have the balls to identify him/herself.

The NBA isn't just about basketball anymore. If it was, they wouldn't spend the money to have all this music, all the dancing girls, all the promotions that have very little to do with basketball, all the glitz, all the glamour, etc. It's entertainment, like all major league sports. And the way the Bucks are playing, they need all the sideline entertainment they can get.

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