Brrr! It's cold. Cold.

But that won't stop me from checking out Liam Ford and the Band in Black at, get this, Caroline's Friday night. Full disclosure: my drummer Andy Pagel plays with them. Last time I checked them out, they billed themselves as rockabilly. Maybe it's because I used to play with a psychobilly band (yes, that really is a genre), I thought, These guys are great, they're not rockabilly, but there's still darn good. "Liam Ford" is actually ol' Billy Staff (or so I'm told) and he has rock and stage credentials. Andy assures me they've revved it up. If they haven't, they'll still be good, I suspect. There's enough talent in that band to assure that. And just in case there's always Crumpler at Points East, complete with the truthfully advertised best chicken wings in town. But I suspect Caroline's is the place to check out these men in black. We'll be coming off a Bucks game. We'll see what went down in the big "players only" meeting that went down this week.

And Saturday, it's supposed to get warmer. And finally, finally, finally, it looks like I'm going to catch a full set of Snooky -- a band that rarely (criminally rarely) plays Milwaukee, and somehow I don't get to see when they do. I can't wait. We'll be coming off my workplace's holiday party, and we'll see what goes down there. Always fodder for storytelling Monday morning.

OK, I'm going to finish knitting a sweater now.


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