Gettin' cocky with the Bucks

I'd promised a whole lot of people I was going to hit Gallery Night this weekend, and a whiny, bordering on sick toddler said, both verbally and nonverbally, "No." No, mom, you're staying put and you're hanging out with me and we're going to watch cartoons on the sofa cuddled up all nice and tight. So that is what I did. Sorry, no gallery nite report from me.

Saturday was a different story. We had tickets for the MACC Fund Bucks exhibition game against Denver and we had a sitter booked, and Sammy was in a considerably better mood, so we checked our parental guilt at the back door and went. I know it's only an exhibition game, but this gave us a chance to scope out the Bucks and their mise en scene, as readers of this blog know I am wont to do.

First off, the new uniforms aren't as bad as the new color scheme threatened they'd be. Have I gone into detail yet about how much I hate this new color scheme? Its great for December, but beyond that, the red, green and reindeer logo scheme isn't getting the job done for me. It makes me want to hang up twinkly lights and watch cute little animated films, like "Christmas With The Harlem Globetrotters." However, the new uniforms really downplay the red, and on them, its almost a (digging out my discontinued Crayolas) burnt sienna. The uniforms worn Saturday are really big on the forest green. Their warmup jackets have a red swatch across the back that looks like those pinnies we used to have in gym class to distinguish the red team from the blue team. (Uh, girls did NOT play shirts and skins, you know.)

Not in uniform tonight, of course, were injury listees Bobby Simmons and Andrew Bogut. Korean Ha Seung-Jin wasn't suited up for play for whatever reason, either. Bogut nevertheless, looked massively stylin' in an off-black, almost sharkskin suit, with baby blue shirt and matching baby blue silk tie, topped off with a large enough earring to be seen from our seats. He needs a better haircut, tho. He is really a good looking fella, almost has an Ashton Kutcher thing going for him, but for some reason, nobody can photograph him without making him look like a massive stoner. Simmons wore a nondescript suit. C'mon, Bobby, you're an NBA starter now, don't be letting the europeans show you up here. And Seung-Jin was wearing jeans, topped with a dress shirt and a long, seamless-in the back loose fitting black leather sports coat. Wait, back up a minute. Jeans. On the court. Somebody fill me in here, isn't that a violation of NBA dress code? Then again, in that black leather and 7'3" frame and jet black hair of his, he was looking more like a James Bond villain than an NBA player. Who's gonna tell THAT he can't wear jeans? And those technically might not have been jeans: maybe they were heathered blue tencel. Still, I wonder if the NBA fashion police have had a talk with him yet.

Energee girls have new outfits too. All black, with logo across the top, bare midriffs, and depending on the schtick, either a mini skort or bell bottomed pants. Sharp, not slutty. They did a predictable halftime routine to Micheal Jackson's "Thriller", and all dressed up in stuff out of the "Grown Up Costumes for a Flirty Hallowes Eve" catalog. I'll wait for the regular season to really critique them. Looks like most of last year's girls are back: the burnout chick, the bottle blonde, the one with the "no that's not what I would use for a running bra" physique, the ever changing one who obviously has access to an amazing haircolorist. They could use a little more representation from the Asian and Hispanic communities, however.

Anthem this evening from a promising singer by the name of Ali Rozina who started out great. She looked like Brooke Sheilds with an good eyebrow job. She has a strong, sometimes raspy (not quite gravely) voice that she used well. Well, almost. Yes, she hit "rockets red glare" and "laaaa-and of the free" no problem, but that's not where she lost me. Right before "rocket's red glare" she got the stupid idea that maybe she should throw in that annoying nu-country habit of groaning out the first word of a phrase like she was a porn star. "Aaaaaannn the rockets…." "Gaaaaaaaveee proof …." "ohhhhhhh say does that star…." For Pete's sake, this is the national anthem. And then, as though encouraged by the polite silence, she started warbling out the rest: "banner yet waaaaaaa--ye-yaaaa-ve-aveeeeee." Please, Rozina, you've got a great voice, and you clearly have a wide range. But unless you've got an american flag wrapped around you the next time you climax, save the orgasmic groaning for some sappy love song, not the MACC Fund Basketball Game National Anthem. This is a family event.

Well, after a revolting loss against Dallas the other night, the Bucks come out, and even without two starters, prove to us they've got some kind of bench, epsecially for such a young bunch. Hey, where did they find that young Turk, Ersan Ilyasova? Lots of piss and vinegar in that guy -- very Bogut Junior.. He can shoot, and he is Mr. Hustle on defense. So much so that the people sitting by us were calling for him to sit down, this is preseason, don't wreck yourself! But no, he's 18, he's been shipped in from the from the other side of the world, and he plays as if to say "I'll kick it! I'll hustle, just please don't ship my ass back to Turkey!" David Noel, a second round pickup from last spring looked good, hustle wise, though no major stats to report. I was out getting a load of BBQ Pork Nachos (don't knock 'em till you've tried them) while there were a pair of back to back three pointers during the second quarter that spurred the team to to a handy victory. Dan Gadzuric is looking good player-wise, but somebody needs to get him a better haircut. Its like they cut the front, and then said, "No, curly kinky hair generally doesn't bode well for mullets, but I'm going to stop here while I brainstorm what I'm going to do with you." But player wise, its looking really good with this bench. I take starters like Michael Redd for granted. Redd needs to watch out and not take himself for granted, too. Terry "The White Shadow" Stotts doesn't. We left before game end, which we knew would be somewhere around the comfortable victory the final 119-108 score turned out to be, to head on down to Club Lulu to catch the Cocksmiths and have a tasty grilled tuna sandwhich, accompanied by Lulu's homemade potato chips.

Singer with flash
Last time we saw this band, they were treating us at Locust Street day not to "You Shook Me All Night Long" but "Whole Lotta Rosie" and with a name like the Cocksmiths, we knew they couldn't take themselves completely seriously. Yes, they remind me of early AC/DC. Good AC/DC. Very fun, guilt-free glam party metal played by guys who look like they belong more in Soundgarden rather than a band that sounds like a bunch of Aerosmith and Black Crowes fans who listen to a LOT of Bowie, with top-notch gear (Gibson Flying V's, gold tops) and the chops to match. Great catchy, cock-strutting-the-barnyard-not-worrying-if-the-chicks-notice-because-that's-a-given with a self-refential sense of humor. But the musicianship and songwriting is dead serious. Babysitting curfew prevented an entire view of the show, but we'll definitely be back. They can play, they can write songs, they have enduring stage presence. Best of all, the critics are gonna have a heckuva a time with them, because in theory they're supposed to hate them. But they will love them, and hate to admit it. I love bands like this.


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