Random Ramblings

Random ramblings

  • Last time I checked, rear turn signals were required equipment (as is the active use of them) on motor vehicles in Wisconsin. Why is every third driver in the state not in jail for violating this?

  • I've blogged it once before, and I'll blog it again: the world would be a better place if fast food and other retail clerks would understand that the coins go in your hand first, instead of on top of the paper money/reciept where they can easily slide off your hand, onto the ground, and cause much gnashing of teeth. I know your register says the dollars and cents in change, but can you go off automatic pilot and think about your customer for just a wee minute.

  • I just read this morning that Pluto has been demoted. Its no longer a planet, and that the whole solar system has been downsized. That's right, the solar system has been downsized.

    From CNN:

    Leading astronomers declared Thursday that Pluto is no longer a planet under historic new guidelines that > downsize the solar system from nine planets to eight.

    What, is the intergalactic budget crisis really that bad? They'll be sorry they let Pluto go. Pluto will go off and start a whole new solar system, declare new baseline standards, and next thing you know, Pluto, without even so much as a bachelor's degree, will be the new planetary standard, rendering Earth, Mars and Jupiter obsolete. Way to go.

  • I'm convinced that raising a child would be altogether joyous if one didn't have to deal with back-to-school-and-activities administratia and school supply purchases. Really. Between getting immunization records faxed to me, dealing with signing up for soccer, ballet, gymnastics, trying to juggle all those schedules, oh, and school too, I'm ready to hire a professional scheduler for my kids. I do this stuff for a living. Do I have to do it on my down time too?


Vickie said…
I LOVED what you commented on AFG. I copied it over (as quote with credit to you) on my blog so I can re-read.

There are very few people that write about being attached to their food plan and how it brings them such peace. It is that way for me too - mindfulness, peace, contentment.

Thanks for your posting. If you are looking for me:

Ericka said…
Every time I hand a customer change in my store, I think of you! LOL I try to give them the coinage first, then the bills just so you won't get pissed. ;)

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