To Be or Not To B-Ball

Nice sweet little blowout from the Bucks to the Seattle Supersonics. The sonics never had a chance. The Bucks came out shooting, and Seattle's D just couldn't get it together. Gave the Bucks a chance to rest their starters and let the bench get some good time in. Dan Gadzuric is almost a second string starter, and he's quite the defender. Joe Smith could use a little more shooting practice.

Seattle looked awful in the black socks. There is not one stich of black in their uniforms, so that black socks rule played out here. What's worse is that Seattle's uniforms look like college uniforms. College uniforms from the 70s. Brian says these are the Sonics' uniforms from the 70s. The uniforms don't look bad in and of themselves -- I actually like this retro look. But if you're going with a retro look, you should do it all the way down to the socks. The correct socks for these uniforms would have been white tube socks, with three stripes at the top: a yellow sandwiched between two greens, with, of course, matching green Chuck Taylors on their feet. Then, they could complete the look with some form-fitting shorts, just like everybody used to have in the 70s.

I'm reading more and more about the whole black tights discussion, and it's really annoying me. Some people are comparing the look to that of ballet dancers as though being compared to a ballet dancer was a bad thing. Ballet dancers are world class athletes in their own right. Baryshnikov and the hundreds of other straight men ballet dancers never had any problems attracting the ladies, contrary to crude stereotypes. (And gay male ballet dancers rarely have problems getting laid, for that matter.) Besides, if they really looked like ballet dancers, they'd have the aforementioned form fitting shorts so the ladies would get a preview of what's in the package. No, the better simile would be Shakespearian actors. The baggy shorts look almost like an Elizabethan tunic with those black tights. Casting call: Andrew Bogut as Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, and Michael Redd, as, of course, Othello. The two of them really do look rather swashbuckling in those black tights. I think I'm talking myself into liking this look, for I do love the theatre! En garde!

What a relief, I don't have to diss any kids tonight as regards the anthem. I kind of feel bad about Saturday night, but they really did suck. For this evening, the Bradley Center brought in some leather sportscoat-wearing lounge stylist by the name of Jerry Stephani, who crooned the anthem tastefully and soulfully: he had good dynamic range, but wasn't obnoxious about it. Very nice, a classy if not lounge rendition.

Lots of Valentine schtick from the promos and the mascots tonight. Bango the Buck brought out his "girlfriend," to plenty of snickers about Bango's name as they scurried off to the tunnel to do whatever bucks and does do. The Energee girls came out in red and black and did a routine to yet another forgettable pseudo-funk thing. Adorable little toddler girl and boy run around the court with valentines to each other, and the "Kiss Cam" was running during a seemingly long time out.

Ah, but the non-basketball highlight of the evening was definitely Chicago's The Bucket Boys, the halftime entertainment. Great stuff. Brian nailed the description: "The Drummers of Burundi on a Budget." Four guys sitting on stools, with, between them, about 6 of those five gallon white plastic buckets that bulk paint or fast food pickles come in, each guy holding a pair of standard drumsticks that probably cost more than the buckets. You can just picture the leader of this group, on break during his day job, thinking to himself, "There has got to be a better way of making money with these buckets than slogging pickles," while tapping out a rhythm with some paint mixing sticks or wooden spoons, remembering that tour of STOMP he'd seen a few years back on a high school field trip. The light bulb goes on, and now they're performing at halftime shows and getting standing ovations. These guys were as tight as any drumline James Brown would hire.


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