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Some 30 years ago, I was drinking at the Uptowner, asking questions about the local music scene. I hadn't been in Milwaukee long, but this guy I was talking to seemed knowedgable. He had to go, but he handed me his card and encourged me to call him if I needed more information. His first name was Paul, but as there were a number of Pauls in the scene, he was referred to by his last name, and even when all the other Pauls scattered about, it pretty much stuck.  Setser.  Actually, we were having that conversation because other friends of mine, (Paul Cotter and Dan Mullen) were putting together an Irish rock act called McTavish and Setser's talents were critical to getting if off the ground. His day job was "creative services" -- writing and playing commercial jingles, producing sound and video for various clients. But it was simply his day job at the time. When it came to the Milwaukee music community, he applied his talents as an all-around utility infielder in a band:

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